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Bars and Clubs in Leeds: Off the Beaten Track

Giselle BoxerGiselle Boxer
December 23, 2013

Source: Smokestack Twitter Page

With one of the best nightlife and clubbing scenes in the country, Leeds is full of bars and clubs to suit every kind of student and every sort of night out. But if like me, you’re fed up of the usual pop-trash, fresher filled clubs, and are looking for something a little more refined… then here is my low down on where to go.


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Best bars and pubs in Birmingham

Natalie NaikNatalie Naik
December 17, 2013

If you are a student, you probably know how important the social side of University is. Finding a good bar or pub is so important as there is nothing like having a nice evening out with friends at the end of a long week. Nightlife in Birmingham is fantastic, as one of the UK’s largest cities and has so much to offer.

Brindley Place. Image:


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Three kingdom killing-A board game from China!

Shanni JiangShanni Jiang
June 28, 2013

Three Kingdom Killing
Photo: Best News US website

Recently I am spending time with a bunch of Chinese boys who always play computer game DOTA together, since most the Chinese consider the night in UK is not as interesting as our motherland we think of many ways to play at night.

In China, we have night fair in most of Southern cities: street food, clothes, accessories and stationaries. Most things are girls’ favorite, fluffy teddy bears, cheap ornaments, skirts, T-shirts, ceramic cups, potted plants, you name it. There are so many people on the night fair, so many excitement outside that nobody will refuse the temptation. There are some exceptions, however, such as when a group of people play poker cards, a couple enjoy two-people world or someone watch movie or TV series alone. As China has a reputation of a quite big population, it has varieties of board games to entertain a large numbers of people altogether. And “Three Kingdom Killing” is one of the favorite.


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Nightlife at Notts

Joel HindsonJoel Hindson
February 12, 2013

A city’s nightlife is, in my opinion, one of its most important and most interesting features. Even though I’m not a huge clubbing/drinking fan, as a student I inevitably get dragged out for birthdays or society socials. Besides, let’s face it, nightlife culture is so big in Britain that if you want to meet a lot of people, and make a lot of friends, you’ll have to venture ‘out’ at some point or other. I’m here to give you the low-down on what’s going on in Nottingham’s city centre at night, from a University of Nottingham perspective (which can be completely different from that of a Nottingham Trent student!).

Gatecrasher Nottingham


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Keane concert: live entertainment in Bournemouth and Southampton

Olivia WhiteleyOlivia Whiteley
December 11, 2012
Keane live at the Bournemouth International Centre

Keane live at the Bournemouth International Centre

It just goes to show that you don’t have to trek all the way to London if you want to see big bands live. Because last week, my friends and I hopped on the train to Bournemouth, just 40 minutes away from Southampton, to catch Keane’s final show of their tour this year. Since their debut album Hopes and Fears, which won the Brit Award for Best British Album in 2005, the English alternative/rock group Keane seem to have gone from strength to strength.

As promised, it was a spectacular evening. The Bournemouth International Centre where they were playing was full almost to the brim. Keane might not be known for dance beats but, nevertheless, the crowd was lively and, if not dancing, then certainly belting out the lyrics to Keane’s old classics like Everybody’s Changing as much as to their newer hits such as Sovereign Light Café.


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How Lancaster Parties!

Amanda MasonAmanda Mason
November 19, 2012

A typical Friday night at Sugar!

Now that I’ve given an insight into what you can do at Lancaster in the day, the night also has much to offer. With numerous bars and nightclubs to choose from you won’t get bored of partying in Lancaster, despite the fact it is a small historic city.


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We are young…so go out and have some fun this weekend

Chloe DaviesChloe Davies
September 27, 2012
YouTube Preview Image

So it’s Thursday, it’s finally stopped raining, we’re almost at the end of our first Uni week, and I know it sounds ridiculous given I only have one to three hours of lectures or seminars daily, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend. And why shouldn’t I?

We’re all aware, given the constant reminders of parents, news articles and professors, that we’ll soon be entering an increasingly hard and competitive post – University ‘real world’ of working life. That we’ll need to prove that we really made the most out of our University experience. And I don’t disagree.  Yes, we should work hard, get involved as much as possible and boost up our CV, but isn’t making the most out of our University experience also about letting our hair down, having fun and remembering we’re still pretty young? After all, University is the first opportunity for many to live away from home and for international students possibly the first time you’ve lived in a new country. So, with no parents to nag or ask what time you’ll be getting home, why not embrace the nightlife of Leeds?

For British students, the big nights are usually on the weekdays (Monday to Friday), when many of the best deals are on offer at nights that areoften run by students themselves. However, now that I’m a serious(-ish) fourth year student I’m trying to keep to a new resolution of not turning up to lectures or seminars with a hangover. With that in mind, I’ve been saving for this weekend, and there are a good few fun events on….


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Southampton University- Leagues above the rest…

Laura JayneLaura Jayne
July 15, 2012

Receiving our degrees!

Every year the Guardian newspaper publishes a University guide which ranks Universities in the UK based on a number of factors. I am very proud to say that this year just like many years previous, the University of Southampton has rarely featured outside of the top 10 for any subject. Engineering is a very popular course (the number of my friends alone who study these courses must be close to 30) and the proof comes in it’s success: Engineering- electronic and electrical places 1st, above other prestigious Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. My course of Modern Languages placed in the top 5 behind Oxford and Cambridge, and it ranked 3rd for student satisfaction. The league table takes into account a number of factors including: number of students satisfied with course, number of students satisfied with teaching, percentage of students satisfied with feedback, student to staff ratio, spend per student, average entry requirement, and employment after 6 months.


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The World of Camden

Frances TeraokaFrances Teraoka
June 29, 2012

Camden Market

Camden Market was established in 1975
, and has been a popular spot every since. It is definitely one of my favorite places to go to in London, both night and day. This is a place where you can find all sorts of stalls and shops that will cater to anyone. You can find stalls selling authentic food, music, books, jewelry, clothes, hand-crafted items, and more. The first time I went, I instantly went to the clothing stalls. Remember, if they know you’re foreign, they push the prices up high but you can always bargain with them. I purchased a dress for 15 pounds, which started out as 30! They are also vintage and hand-made clothing shops that are created by local artists or imported from other countries. There are over a 100 traders in the Market hall, so you’re to find a wide range of styles. There are even tattoo parlours and piercing boutiques all around town.


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The Student obsession with fancy dress…

Laura JayneLaura Jayne
June 20, 2012

One thing you will no doubt come into contact with whist studying in the UK is themed nights out. Students have become obsessed with fancy dress nights, where everyone has to dress up in some kind of way to fit in with a decided theme. Looking back over my 4 years as a student, I have acquired quite a large fancy dress box containing various bits and bobs from fancy dress nights over the year. Quite often Sports teams will have fancy dress socials, and wakeboarding was no exception; over the years I’ve been a smurf, an army officer, where’s wally, comic book characters, tv shows, a ‘geek’, completely covered in blue paint, a zebra, a granny… the list is endless. For birthday parties people also love fancy dress and Circus theme has seemed to be very popular this year!

Now, in order to make your fancy dress successful, there are a few things you need to consider:

Plan ahead!! You will be warned about fancy dress nights in advance, whether it is one planned by a friend, or part of a social night organised by a club you are a member of. Take my advice: don’t leave it until the last minute (as I have often done) as you will end up putting something together which looks nothing like what it is supposed too!