LSExplorations: High Holborn

Cindy WangCindy Wang
November 27, 2013

Photo: LSE

Welcome to LSExplorations-the series that focuses on various aspects of campus so that you can get to know the university even before you arrive! Today, I’ll be talking about one of the dorms on campus: High Holborn.

Just a 10 minute walk from campus, Holborn is a great place to live if one of your main priorities is convenience-especially if you consider the fact that most of the other dorms are 20+ minutes away by foot. Not only is it located near campus. It is also incredibly close to Covent Garden, Leicester Square, the Holborn tube station, and multiple theaters. You definitely won’t miss much in terms entertainment and shopping venues if you decide to live in Holborn.

In terms of student composition, Holborn is pretty diverse with both undergraduate and post-grad inhabitants on each floor. There does tend to be grouping in terms of grade though (e.g. post-grads are usually on floors 10-11). There is one giant common room space on the ground floor, which serves as a great study space during the day. At night, things tend to get a little more rowdy as the games of ping pong and billiards take-off. Laundry and printing facilities are also available in the building.

Be warned about the laundry though-all machines tend to be busy during the day, so either wash your clothes really early in the morning or late in the evening. Holborn usually has an average of 2 working elevators, even though there are 3 in the building and seeing as there are 11 floors (not including Mezzanine, ground, and lower ground floors), you might want to take that into consideration when choosing a room to live in. The rooms on the Mezzanine and first few floors are definitely the most swanky, as they’ve just been renovated, but they will cost you more.

There are both single and double rooms available in the building, depending on how much privacy you want. Rooms are grouped into ‘flats’ of 4-5, so you’d share a bathroom, kitchen, and shower with only a couple of other people. Each room also has its own sink, which, I realize doesn’t sound like a big deal, but really is. Getting your very own space to wash-up in the mornings or evenings is awesome. There’s no morning bathroom clamor as everyone tries to get ready all at once and you can take your time. God, I love my sink.

Your room comes pretty stocked. I was pleasantly surprised by how much Holborn provided. I didn’t have to worry about bringing any furniture, bedding, or electronics besides adaptors and a bed sheet. You may want to invest in some extra storage space though. As a girl with a lot of clothing (by a lot, I mean too much), the wardrobe provided really doesn’t cut it.

The only downside I can think of when it comes to living in Holborn is the self-catering. If you like cooking, then this won’t be an issue at all. But I’m no chef. I’m barely a microwaver. So sometimes, when I’m feeling extra lazy, meals just don’t happen. However, this can be easily remedied by purchasing ready-made food, such as tortellini, pasties, etc. that can be prepared with just a push of the microwave button.

Living in Holborn is pretty fantastic. While it has less community spirit than my old dorm back in the states (probably because of the singles and flat structure vs. a hall where everyone gathered and had to share facilities), it definitely makes up for it in terms of proximity and accessibility. High Holborn is a great choice for a dorm, whether you are a 1st year student, post -grad, or studying abroad!





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