An accommodation contract

Carolina SalazarCarolina Salazar
July 25, 2012

Looking for accomodationMany countries have very different civil laws regarding the accommodation contracts. It doesn’t really matter if you will leave on campus or off campus you have to keep in mind that you will have a service contract that you will have to agree and respect if you really want the accommodation service. You cannot sign something you don’t agree on.

The majority of the cases of accommodation contracts in every country state the length of the contract, the date when it starts and the date when it ends, the amount of money you’re due to pay and all the features of the accommodation you are entitled to with that pay. This last means that all the characteristics of the house, department of room you will occupy are clearly stated, measurements, existing appliances etc. The contracts also state the amount of the deposit, and everything that is or isn’t responsibility of the owner if the place. It also states what you can or can’t do while you live there.

If the contract you’re given to agree on doesn’t have these features please feel free to demand it before signing it. In most cases, these agreements are done via e-mail or other online resource because students sometimes want to have a place to live right when they arrive. Other students do it more calmly a rent a hostel when they arrive, spend two or three days looking for a nice place to live. Other students rely on the university and agree to live on the university accommodation or they ask the university to find a nice place off campus for them. You have to remember that living on campus means more rules because the campus facilities are ruled not only by the country law, but also by the university law.

Whatever your choice is remember these features and ask away whatever you want. It doesn’t matter it seems dumb to you, if you have a doubt or you don’t agree on something you have to ask to have it cleared out.