Education and Support (LUSU 3 and 4 of 14)

Michael A. SteinbergMichael Steinberg
June 30, 2012

The LUSU Students Union office has an Education and Support Advice service as part of their office. It is designed to help not only individual students but the student body as a whole. This office prides itself on being impartial as well as maintaining confidentiality for all your personal needs.

There are various advisors that come to the campus on different days to cover the wide range of topics that they will give assistance for. These include: Academic, Accommodation, Finance, Health, Life and Wellbeing, Consumer rights and general complaints. In addition, the office has a legal advice service.

Unfortunately, as this office is not officially connected to the University, it has little power at its disposal to accomplish any real results. Its main purpose is to give you advice on what course of action you could take in dealing with your needs. They try to understand your issues and assist you in writing statements, filling in forms, outlining procedures and help you prepare necessary negotiations.

In the Academic office, they provide a Student Learning Advisor that works with you to understand what sort of academic issues you may have. I personally met my Learning Advisor to help me understand how best to improve my writing and layouts for my essays. She took a great deal of time to read over my work and provide the sort of feedback that really helped me in my second term. I would advise everyone to meet with their advisor to get a grip on what is expected of them and how best to achieve that, especially since this can vary depending on the university.

In the Accommodation office, they will assist you with landlord disputes, tenancy agreements, council tax and utility bills, and general guidance on living on or off campus. They have a lot of information on what normal expenditures look like so, I highly suggest you go to them if you find any anomalies in your bills or agreements.

In the Health office, the primary issue is about stress. Depression, suicidal thoughts, routine guidance and other general relaxing tips and help are all key things that someone in this office can advise you on.

The General Consumer Rights office is there to assist you in understanding what sort of protection you have as a consumer. Issues concerning refunds, replacements and general shopping, purchasing and services payments and problems will be handled by this office.

Lastly, the Legal office offers free legal advice for any matters that students are likely to face.





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